Privacy Policy

Lifematics Inc. (hereinafter "Lifematics") establishes our privacy policy and its structure as follows. We promote protection of personal data - All of us duly recognize importance of personal information protection and thoroughly work for it.

  • Personal information management

    • -Lifematics keeps personal information about our customers faithfully and up to date.
    • -Lifematics takes security measures to tightly control over personal information.
    • -Lifematics adopts measures necessary such as maintaining security system and information control system or ensuring employee training, in order to safeguard personal information from unauthorized access, loss, corruption, falsification, or leaks.

  • Purpose to use personal information

    Lifematics will use personal information received from our customer to send e-mail or information materials as contact, guidance or response from us.

  • Prohibitation to disclosure or provide personal information to third parties

    Lifematics appropriately manages received personal information and will not disclose any data to third parties except when: consented to by the customer him/herself; necessary to provide information to our outsourcing company in order to perform a customer's required service; required to disclose in compliance with the law.

  • Safty measures for personal information

    Lifematics formulates thoroughgoing safety measures to keep personal information acculate and secure.

  • Identification

    If you'd like to refer to, modify or delete your own personal information on our database, we will do so after confirming your identity.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations, norms and review

    Lifematics will comply with Japanese laws, regulations, and norms applicable to hadling personal information we posess. Also, Lifematics will review and amend content of this privacy policy when necessary.

  • Contact Us

    For inquiries about handling personal information of Lifematics, please contact us at the following address

    Lifematics Inc.