As the only authorized distributor in Japan of Cresset, which is highly regarded by pharmaceutical companies worldwide, we can provide a number of software applications ideal for small-molecular drug discovery.

  • Show more candidate compounds using XED force fields
  • Molecular design from a protein-centric perspective
  • Facilitates designing for both novelty and variety
  • Easy-to-use GUI quickly outputs high-quality results

Ligand design application with excellent operability

Explore a huge variety of mother structures by scaffold hopping

Search a large collection of compounds for new hits

Understand structure-activity relationships and construct pharmacophores

Click here for details >>Cresset PDF

Analyze information about protein structure. Because this software requires significant computing resources, the computation can optionally be outsourced to Lifematics or SILICBIO.

  • Through extended molecular dynamics simulations, binding regions can be found even if they are invisible in the crystalline state or appear only temporarily.
  • Provides valuable analysis data for in-silico drug discovery through construction and visualization of pharmacores, calculating 3d coordinates of ligands by predicting interaction sites, and virtual screening of candidate compounds (and providing their coordinates).

Click here for details >>SILCS PDF (Japanese)

A molecular simulation system with an intuitive, visual user experience. Runs smoothly on a custom GPU workstation. Domestically sourced, minimizing service costs and turnaround times.

  • Fast, effective modeling calculations
  • Leave the configuration to us—ready to use on delivery
  • User experience dramatically enhanced by a GUI and GPU acceleration
  • Specifications can be adjusted according to budgetary constraints

*note: myPresto is a "next-generation natural products chemistry" software package developed by AIST, with support from AMED, METI, and NEDO

Click here for details >>MolSpace PDF (Japanese)

Nihon Unisys developed OpenTrusty in order to prepare a marketing application smoothly and accurately. Utilizing their accumulated know-how obtained from system development of support review for the administration of pharmaceutical affairs, it helps you prevent from incorrect entry, save time and reduce risk of law violation.
This product streamlines and improve your applying operation. Acceptable for pharmaceutical products, also quasi-pharmaceutical products and cosmetic product.

  • Cloud service that provides features to prepare marketing application for pharmaceutical products
  • Payment structure is based on number of user or data. Unnecessary to prepare new server or software.
  • Covering features of applying softwares distributed from the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry.
  • Productive input support e.g. select input from maser data
  • Offering comparing feature to contribute quality improvement of application form
  • Easily understable operability designed according to user perspective
  • Available for link to Nihon Unisys's software "OpenApproval"

Click here for details >>OpenTrusty (Japanese)