Information security basic policy

Lifematics Inc. believes that it's necessary to control, manage and operate information asset  (information itself or information system etc.) as IT solution partner trusted by customers or society in order to develop together and forge a lasting relationship.
We declare that: we strictly manage and control information assets received from customers or partners, take action to prevent accidents from occuring, speed up time from occurrence of an accident until discovery, store evidence until identifying the reason for an incident. We set the above as one of our important duties. Also, we establish our information security basic policy as follows, and will implement and maintain it.

  1. We set the following security objectives and we will duly implement measures to achieve them.

    [ Security Objectives ]

    • We respect and comply with contracts with customers and legal or regulatory requirements.
    • We prevent information security incidents from occurring.
    • We protect information assets from threats on information security.
  2. Our management team expreses its intention to ensure information security, and defines action guidelines based on it. We appropriately structure and operate an Information Security Management System(ISMS) to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of important information assets.
  3. In accordance with changes of environment surrounding our company, we accordingly and appropriately review our ISMS rules and continuously improve them.
  4. We organize necessary structure to operate ISMS; We establish information security committee and its chief administrator.
  5. We take appropriate measures for risk management by setting systematic standards and procedures regarding risk assessment in order to manage risks associated with handling important information assets.
  6. We regularly provide education to all of our employees and quantitatively assess its effectiveness in order to maintain and enhance ISMS.


Lifematics Inc.

Representative Director

Shunichiro Suenaga