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We offer four services based on our IT and life sciences expertise.
Flexible levels of service, ranging from 'spot' solutions to total support.


Software development

Promoting operational efficiency. Adding value. We develop software tailor-made for your needs. We can implement the newest technologies and leverage the latest academic research.


Infrastructure-building, operation and maintenance

We have experience with the specialized toolchains used in the life sciences, and can offer end-to-end solutions, from setting up system environments to operations and maintenance.


Consulting Service

We welcome diverse inquiries ranging from creating and structuring new systems, identifying potential areas of improvement in existing systems, supporting international deployment of IT infrastructure, and more.


Support for research & drug discovery

Our Life Science professionals help you focus on the more important aspects of your work by streamlining processes through outsourcing and automation.


You can choose a service package that matches your needs and targets in order to streamline your research process,
and we are happy to provide support with installation and maintenance as well.


Find the best IT solutions for research and drug discovery -
Lifematics contributes to the life sciences by providing advanced IT services.

IT for a healthy future
from now on, more and more

Information technology is increasingly important in research and drug discovery. Lifematics professionals, with their expertise in both IT and the life sciences, as well as a strong connection to academia, can quickly and precisely offer you the IT solutions you need.


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